30 de enero de 2011.

Peek Inside Red Bull’s Toy Box es una galería de fotos del Hangar 7 del aeropuerto de Salzburgo, donde Red Bull guarda sus «juguetitos», entre ellos un par de Alpha Jets, este Corsair, y el Extra 300L en el que tuve la oportunidad de hacer un vuelo acrobático
Sospecho que a la mayoría se nos salen un poco de presupuesto, aunque muchos los hemos visto en acción en distintos festivales aéreos.

SALZBURG, Austria — This city is well known as the birthplace of Mozart, the backdrop for the Sound of Music and simply for being a beautiful place. But thanks to worldwide interest in caffeinated energy drinks and Dietrich Mateschitz’s desire to share his love of aircraft and race cars, one of this city’s newest places to visit is known as Hangar 7.

Located at the Salzburg Airport, Hangar 7 could be called the Red Bull toy box. It is where Mateschitz, who co-founded Red Bull in 1987, stores all his coolest toys. It is a massive glass-enclosed hangar complete with a changing collection of airplanes belonging to the Flying Bulls. It’s also got an assortment of Formula 1 cars sponsored by Red Bull, along with a handful of racing motorcycles as well.

We recently paid a visit to Hangar 7 and got a chance to walk across the apron and peek inside Hangar 8, where a fleet of more than 20 Red Bull aircraft is stored and maintained.

Hangar 8’s appearance is stunning, and a team of more than 60 people maintains, manages and flies the fleet. Everything is flown regularly. Most perform throughout Europe during the airshow season, and a few are used primarily for business.

All summer long a busy flying schedule keeps four full-time pilots and a handful of part-time pilots in the air most of the time. Whether flying a graceful aerobatic routine in the F4U Corsair, flying to a nearby lake in the Cessna Caravan (on amphibious floats) or transporting VIPs to an F1 race in the vintage DC-6, these guys enjoy some of the best aviation jobs in the world.