14 de enero de 2011.

Courtesy of LED Architecture Studio
LED Architecture Studio present their submission for the A101 Block City Competition in Moscow Russia. Architects Alessandro Liberati and Roberto Straccali of LED Architecture Studio designed the Social Machine, a housing block that seeks to engage the residents with the street life, while maintaining a sense of privacy for the users of the housing complex.

Courtesy of LED Architecture Studio
The public and private realms of the building are divided such that the base of the building is devoted to commercial premises and internal courtyards and common-use spaces and the upper floors are devoted to the various units for residential use. The ground-level public space is designed to be incorporated into the neighborhood by providing laundry rooms, meeting rooms, and a senior center, among other facilities that encourage social relations.

The units in the building vary and are designed with private terraces to offer its residents the feeling of an isolated house with garden in building of moderate density in an urban center. There are no units on ground level to guarantee the safety of the inhabitants. Greenhouses are located on the south sides and have a dual function for the building: closed greenhouses gather and keep heat in the wintertime while open greenhouses provide adequate natural ventilation in the summertime.

An internal court mediate the private and semi-public dimension and provide activities centered around leisure, recreation and creativity and are flexible in order to adapt to specific needs of its users. The structure follows this concept of an open building. A metal structure encloses the building, arranged in components as a machine that modulates with the variances in the apartment types and the activities within the building.

Architects: LED Architecture Studio (Alessandro Liberati and Roberto Straccali)
Location: Moscow, Russia
Name Project: Social Machine
Site Area: 9375 SMQ
Gross Floor Area: 27200 SMQ
Net/Gross Floor Area Ratio: 0.90
Facade/Floor Area Ratio: 0.49