27 de octubre de 2010.

Courtesy of Universal Design Studio
Universal Design Studio has designed the exterior façade for the H&M Korean flagship store in Seoul. This is based on the distinctive modular design of other locations and projects for the brand.

Universal Design Studio has accentuated the three-dimensional appearance of the facade by using small and large-scale perforations to produce tonal contrast and visual depth to the pleated cladding. The façade comes alive at night when concealed illumination turns the store into a dramatically lit beacon. The three-storey-high sculptural relief creates an effect that softens the hard, dominant lines of the existing building structure.

Internally, the design also includes a concept staircase created from a ‘ribbon’ of white glass. This forms the internal balustrade, and an articulated shroud of tightly stacked vertical louvers form the external walls.

This project is an example of Universal Design Studio’s ability to tailor solutions to individual sites whilst still creating engaging spaces and brand continuity.