19 Enero 2012
PANalytical is the market leader in analysis systems for x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and x-ray diffraction (XRD). To further enhance its leading position in x-ray systems and tubes, a new production facility for x-ray tubes has been designed in Eindhoven. The new building must not only be able to realize future growth, but must also further increase operational efficiency.
The building has three floors that are related to the production process; pre-assembly, assembly and final assembly. In total this process covers about 2,000 m2. Stacking activities results in a compact and clear building where the spatial layout is defined by the production process. Adjacent to the production floors resides the research facility (1,330 m2). Here are new products being developed and tested. Thanks to an atrium, the research facility has direct visual contact with production floors, without disrupting the specific room conditions.
In terms of structure and installations the building is modular in design. The high purity system is modular as well, making ‘plug & play’ connections possible. Combined with light separation walls and a complete quick-response sprinkler system, the building is extremely flexible. Functions are fully interchangeable thanks to the uniform structural concept in terms of vibrations and floor load.
The mechanical systems largely determine the energy use for the building. Therefore we explicitly sought to apply energy-efficient solutions. The most notable solution is the heat pump which reuses the heat generated by the process for building heating. This allows most of the building’s annual heat demand to be covered by this process energy, resulting in a significant reduction of natural gas consumption and associated CO2 emissions.
Achieving a ‘stacked’ research facility had the advantage that the site could be relatively small. The use of two submersible pumps instead of the traditional sprinkler tank was even more space saving. Therefore it was not necessary for PANalytical to purchase additional land.
All functions relating to the production process (discovery – development – production – sales) are located around an atrium. The atrium acts as a communication tool and guarantees synergy between departments and, in particular, between people. All supporting activities, such as meetings and relaxation, take place inside the atrium.
The facades of the building are a reference to the refined machines featuring the end product. The orange accents mark important moments in the facade. The exterior of the building creates extra tactility and refinement via the use of different types of profiled cladding.