02 de enero de 2011.

Courtesy of AS/D Architecture
Architects: AS/D Asociacion de Diseño
Location: Mexico DF, Mexico
Lead Designers: Fernando Velasco, Paola Morales
Project Team: Jose Munoz, Eduardo Palomino, Santiago Garcia De Letona, Piergianna Mazzocca
Construction: Punto y Raya Arquitectura y Construccion. Honorio Juarez
Site Area: 900 sqm
Buit Area: 2,400 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Jeremy Clouser, Piergianna Mazzocca

The Building has been designed to allocate both retail and office space in a 900 square meter site located at the commercial strip of Tlalnepantla, Estado de Mexico.

The building has two fundamental components: The ground floor a transparent volume that allows a unique interaction with the interior and it’s context, the upper level a volume with a more solid and reflective appearance allocates the offices. The façade presents a series of vertical openings that are intended to bring natural light into the offices.

The program requirements are organized in 3 levels: An underground parking that introduces lighting as well as ventilation due to its elevated platform; graphics are introduced as part of the design of the building.

The main entrance acts as a connecting component between the main areas, creating a continuous dialogue between interior and exterior. The ground floor allocates the retail space around a double height atrium. The retail spaces range from 45 sq. meters to 75 sq. meters; its layout allows different possibilities of configuration as well as both interior and exterior frontage for maximum exposure.