17 Febrero 2012
You may have heard about the creative resurgence that’s building in Detroit. It’s real and gaining momentum every day. We’re thrilled to be a part of it with our client, Quicken Loans entrepreneur Dan Gilbert, and his staff at Bedrock Real Estate Services. They single-handedly are bringing back life to the once listless downtown core with new energy, color and design. It’s still a story of grit. But it’s also one of comeback, and the wherewithal to use a bold aesthetic to attract the brightest people and best businesses to Detroit.

Not content to just talk about it, Gilbert led by example, and hired Rossetti to redesign his executive suite. His goal was to create an environment that was “clear, effervescent and in-line with a risk taking, entrepreneurial spirit.” It inspired our design studio to produce this eye-popping, yet sophisticated environment for the Rock Companies executive suites. Rossetti translated the “live, work, play” lifestyle of the firm’s culture into offices that are executive, yet don’t take themselves too seriously. Creativity and spontaneity are encouraged by open seating arrangements and writable wall surfaces along the core wall, where problems can be solved in real time.

The 27,000 SF offices, located on the 10th floor of the Compuware building in downtown Detroit, are open, collaborative and fast-paced. Yet, employees can take a break and reenergize with a scooter ride through the office, or shoot hoops in the ½-sized basketball court.

Previous developers kept Detroit grey by buying buildings as investments and watching them, hoping that the price would go up. In the new Detroit, Gilbert is trying to “impact the outcome and affect the end.” With his sense for bold and bright, Rossetti will be trading in gray for the whole box of Crayolas.