“Surrounded by the calm and peaceful atmosphere of traditional castle town where gentle breeze slowly flows. But people and city change with the march of times.

City is changing its place from slow but tasteful warm style to convenient but impersonal style. Cheapness and convenience shouldn’t be the priority. To ‘Choose’ what you really want is most important. Would want the place to be where you can feel the importance of relationship and the attitude to always have a focus on anything.

Any people have a will to become beautiful. This salon will offer the ‘existence’ which people can rediscover the importance to invest in oneself rather than to easily leave the life to ‘convenience’. We want to be the place where people can wake up to the loveliness close by which you normally aren’t aware of by only giving a little spice to the daily life dominated by convenient and cheap but colorless things.

We will drop a lump in the city and people’s life to enliven their simplified life as if the lump raises the blood sugar level.

The whiteness of lump stands out by the existence of shade and the white and shiny building stimulates the viewer’s sensibility.

In contrast to the exterior, the gray colored peaceful atmosphere covers the inside. Sunlight is streaming from the numerous windows and performs the gentle gradation. Have minimized the number of walls that constitute the room layout so that people can freely wander around the space. When you walk along the narrow corridor, you’ll find out the ‘library’ and ‘closet’ followed by the terrace of ivy full of sunshine. On the rainy day, the wet brilliant green will fill the senses.

There’s a pathway where you can enjoy the various view that changes depending on the direction you go. Lights will cover the space by various colors that change depending on the season and time. The plants arranged at the back of the space creates the balance of organic and inorganic which makes us sense the extraordinary space.

The conjunction of distinctive color and material, organic and inorganic element will stop the time and leads to the salon of high quality.”