16 de febrero de 2011.

© Marcello Mariana
Architects: Buratti+Battiston Architects – Gabriele Buratti, Oscar Buratti, Ivano Battiston
Location: Milan, Italy
Collaborators: Roberta Numi, Marco Viganò
Project area: 240 sqm
Photographs: Marcello Mariana

Contemporary working places are places where “living” and “staying”, and for this reason we always think about quality of our projects, in particular on beauty, pleasure, richness and speciality with the intention to suggest unique spaces, that can result reassuring and characterized by high domestic taste.

Coloured glass is the magic material that is often present in these projects and that is essential in our interpretation of contemporary luxury idea.

For us glass is light, colour, geometries, reflections, deepness, transparency and opacity, movement and special effects: a material able to build up speciality to an architectural space.

The projects of Vetreria Airoldi office and showroom has been a particular opportunity of experimentation on glass; in this case the work place becomes a self-made theatrical exhibition of own job and own particular technical skill like a “business card”:…this is my work!

Stair is a monomaterical element in structural glass, assembled without visible fixing screws.

The idea is to use three glass screen with horizontal glass bands glued lacking a space where inserting glass stair-steps, like shelves blocked by sides.

Footbridge on the first floor, parapets, partition walls with sliding doors, display windows and black reception too are completely built by glass, in various colours and texture in order to become a own-work’s exhibition.

Research on colour that glass exalts with transparency, reflections and opacity in the dividing screen on he first floor is very interesting: it’s a glass high-to-floor panels composition of seven different colours, staggered and partially overlapped that creates several particular intermediate colours.