14 Marzo 2012
Airport lounges are often anonymous and soul-less spaces which are perceived replaceable with any otherairpoirt lounge around the world. Easily they become non-places without a connection to the visitors’ location. To counteract this impression at Vienna International Airport, strong and distinctive characteristics bacame the main goal for the design of the new Air Lounge.
The new Air Lounge at Vienna International Airport or: reexperiencing the easiness of flying.
The sole purpose of many lounges is the issue of killing waiting time. The design incorporates five different zones, each with a unique answer for the passengers’ needs.
1. welcome desk
1. food and drink
2. business area
3. working zone
4. relaxing zone
 The intention was to seperate these zones, but keep the lounge as a whole. White sting curtain walls which also function as lighting objects generate subtle spaces without obscuring the views completely. Depending on the visitors’ position, spaces may seem to be more or less open.
Light rays break through the delicate string structure. By passing from one zone to another, the nascent breeze lets the curtains sway softly, like wind puffing against clouds, thus breaking up the dimension of a conventional interior space. Even though the room offers a perfect overview for the customer and the staff, the zoning allows for a certain intimate privacy. The further you step in and the more time you have, the more intimate the space becomes, allowing those who await a longer stay to settle in and relax.